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"Embodiment and Beyond: Deepening into the Ground of Being

February 23, 2023

Being grounded in our bodies AND on the planet are essential steps toward living in harmony.

"Beyond Embodiment" implies an intimacy with nature, spirit, and personal relationships. Also, connecting to the wisdom of the earth and the cosmos.

When our thinking, feeling, moving, sensing and the greater world are in harmony, we deepen into the Ground of Being. This profound grounded-ness invites the experience of interconnectivity, in fact inseparability, between self and world.

Through Feldenkrais Movement and other Embodied Practices, we will experience the ever-present support of the earth. Through fascinating and effective breathing experiments, we will learn to shift into a more regulated state of equilibrium.

Embodied Meditation will take us through the body to "beyond embodiment", where we can sense who we are before our thoughts, self-images, stories, and inner dialogue.

Embodied Inquiry will help us cultivate and access the neural networks of already known, life-giving states. We learn how to interact with our own thoughts, feelings and memories in ways that promote healing and joy.

Wishing you an inspired fulfilling journey...


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